How To Make Your Department Or Team Brilliant

How To Make Your Department Or Team Brilliant

Making your area of responsibility stand out from the rest, shine brighter that your competition and just running it brilliantly is your number one focus. To achieve this you need to have your focus firmly set on delivering the 10 management principles below:

  1. Catalytic management: steering rather than just rowing. Acting is such a way that management determines the direction that it is going in rather than just being driven there by external forces.
  2. Community-focused management: harnessing the internal power from within the organisation in terms of human and intellectual capital.
  3. Competitive management: organising all resources in such a way that increases effectiveness and efficiency to give the business optimum leverage in the market place.
  4. Mission-driven management: using the Mission of the organisation to shape delivery, growth and purpose.
  5. Results-orientated management: funding and chasing outcomes, not inputs.
  6. Customer-driven management: meeting the needs of the customer, not having an internal bureaucracy that is just playing at a customer focus.
  7. Enterprising management: doing things in an effective and efficient manner and not spending on unnecessary items or projects.
  8. Anticipatory management: getting ahead of trends and issues, not being hostage to them.
  9. Decentralised management: moving away from the comfort of the hierarchy and focusing on participation and teamwork.
  10. Market-orientated management: levering change through the demands and expectations of the market.

It will not always be plain sailing and there will be challenges along the way, but following them will give you the results you are looking for.

Nobody wants to be an “also ran” in the management race – make sure nobody has the chance to give you that label.

Good Luck!

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