Three Self-reflection Questions For Leaders

Three Self-reflection Questions For Leaders

Good leadership requires humility and some very honest self-reflection, but many leaders seldom find either the time or the courage to do either.

You cannot trust or expect those around you to provide a solid review process that gives you the picture that you need – such colleagues will inevitably focus upon results and the proverbial bottom-line.

Few around you will be keen to come forward and tell you things that you do not want to hear.

Three questions to help you with this process and to keep you on track:

  1. When was the last time you admitted you made a mistake? Never think you are correct all the time so use the times when you know you have made a mistake to reflect on exactly what you did and why. Set a good example by admitting you were wrong in a public forum but that you have learned from the process.
  2. How many difficult conversations have you had in the last six months? No organisations run successfully all the time and there will be times when that uncomfortable conversation is needed. If all you seem to do is have those conversations, what does that tell you about your own style, the culture of the organisation and performance levels? On the other hand, if you never seem to have those conversations what does that tell you? This area needs some careful thought!
  3. How many people have you praised for doing a good job in the last six months? Firstly, do not include yourself in that list! If you are not recognising the staff who really are going above and beyond what is required of them then you are missing a trick. Find out who is doing what and get some thanks out there to inspire both the recipients and those who then want to rise to the challenge. Always remember nobody would want to work in a thankless job!

Leadership is a difficult and challenging role – it is made easier with some quality self-reflection and measurement, however.

Good Luck!

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