How To Sharpen Your Mind

How To Sharpen Your Mind

You do not need to be an extreme sports professional to harness the power of positive thinking and mind training in visualising what you want to achieve.

The following simple steps will help you to sharpen your focus and bring better results for your actions:

  1. Practice the skills that you want to achieve: this means that you progressively develop both competence and underpinning knowledge of the skills that you need to deliver. For instance, if chairing meetings are a challenge, and something that you do not enjoy and are potentially daunting, there is nothing better than just getting on with the task, reflecting on your performance and then taking that learning forward to the next event.
  2. Use your nerves to help you: people will always tell you to ignore your nerves, but savvy professionals learn how to harness the power of their adrenalin. If you can redirect that energy into momentum this will fuel your performance.When the next meeting is up and coming, use the adrenalin buzz to prepare thoroughly, research the topics to be discussed at the meeting and to anticipate any objections, opinions and potential conflicts that might come out during the meeting.
  3. Never strive for perfection: far better to strive for excellence as perfection is a goal that might never come and in chasing it you will be wasting effort and creating stress. Excellence is a very good performance level and you cannot control everything, however good you are at a task!
  4. Celebrate and build upon your successes: When the ask has been completed always time to celebrate what you did well. We will always tend to focus on the things that dd not go so well so get into the routine of having a focus on what went well – if it helps, write them down and keep them for reflection at a later date.

Good Luck!

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