New Key Principles For Monday Morning

New Key Principles For Monday

If things are a bit of a slog, draining, confusing and not delivering well against your Key performance Indicators or Targets, you MUST do something about it – otherwise the long walk to your Boss’s office for a “Please Explain” chat, or worse, is coming.

To become effective and recognised as such, and to improve your working life, get your critics off your back and to give you breathing space to plan ahead, follow the pointers below to make the best possible impact and to get the best possible results:

  1. Be aware: never let the power go to your head so keep an objective, balanced and realistic view of what is going on, and how you contribute to results. Its not just about you! If results are lacking, ask yourself where the fault for this lies (be honest!) and then do something about it.
  2. Do what you say you are going to do: this drives results, shows you can be trusted and shows that you have integrity, all of which motivates and inspires staff. Never be the person who does not deliver – that is the person who gets the “Please Explain” chats!
  3. Be proactive: make sure that you don’t just sit back and let it all happen. Take charge when this is needed and persevere when necessary to see results happen. Get in amongst the problem, wear the problem, eat and breathe the problem and sort the problem! If you fail to do this the “Please Explain” chat is coming down the line!
  4. Be courageous: this means sticking to your position if you feel that you are correct and that your opinion will deliver results. Being blown off your chosen course too easily impresses nobody and will seriously limit your career and will maintain the feeling that things are not going well.
  5. Take time to help others: identify those with potential and allow them to develop and grow, showing their own areas of expertise and knowledge. In this way your team grows, output increases and your Department will be where staff want to work. Get your colleagues involved to help both own and resolve the problems!
  6. Be positive: be a source of positive energy that keeps your spirits up and which them makes a very positive contribution to the morale of those around you. Being positive also increases the quality of the product or service you are responsible for and generates higher customer satisfaction. Your positivity breeds your own success, so getting a grip on issues is essential.
  7. Be decisive: tough, difficult and unpopular decisions will need to be made so get used to the idea! Make your decisions in a timely, final and clear way, even if doing so does not please everyone concerned. Stand firm, trying whenever possible, to have a collaborative approach but above all be decisive in sorting out the things that are not going so well.

Success from Monday onwards is coming your way by following the above principles in all your managerial actions.

Good Luck!

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