Why Managers Should Be Excellent Role Models

Why Managers Should Be Excellent Role Models

‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is a management philosophy to be avoided like the plague: now more than ever it is essential for managers to show the way in terms of behavioural norms, standards and in the ways in which to deal with priorities, delivering outcomes and meeting the needs of both internal and external customers.

In short, we want staff to follow the lead and standards set by the management.

Acts of management should be the norm for how staff should behave and be solid examples to follow. Many managers, however, see this as a burden and something that they would rather avoid, instead of carefully thinking about how they and their actions are being perceived.

Speeding time and effort on creating such a culture within an organisation has three clear outcomes:

  1. Employee cooperation improves: a manager who constantly strives to deliver targets and outcomes, despite some considerable difficulty in doing so, will always be held as a positive influence among the team. As such individuals will be more willing to tackle obstacles and rise above difficult situations.
  2. Employee adaptability and new learning increases: change resistance becomes less of an issue if the manager recognises that change is both inevitable and not something to be automatically defensive about.
  3. Positive management delivers a strong community feel in the organisation: the manager is one of the team and not someone who is above it. There should always be a close link here, sharing views, opinions, data, information and passion towards the tasks and targets set.

Positive and open leadership has never been more important, especially at a time when workloads are increasing, and expectations are climbing for everyone in every organisation. Quality management role models make the difference between organisations that are successful and organisations that are failing.

Good Luck!

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