Keeping Things Lean – 3 Simple Steps To Follow For Any Manager Anywhere

Keeping Things Lean – 3 Simple Steps To Follow For Any Manager Anywhere

  1. Cut back on the number of initiatives and projects that you are dealing with. Managers with multiple projects to manage and deliver are up against things from the very start as the likelihood of success and traction over a large, complex caseload is very low. Cut down the number of projects to something manageable and deliverable. (Think of the human hand – 5 digits, the ideal number of projects to be managed at any one time by one individual).
  2. How good is the organisation at co-ordinating activity? Strong and effective co-ordination across projects is an essential feature of the successful organisation and many diverse projects being run at the same time will only lead to confusion and diluted results. Focus on key areas only.
  3. Avoid overloading staff running projects and initiatives. The health and welfare of your staff is critically important along with crystal clear lines of accountability, excellent communication systems and a focus upon motivation and commitment.

Always better to a few, carefully chosen and evaluated things well rather than many different things delivered either to a poor standard or not delivered at all!

Good Luck!

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