Authentic Leadership – Finding Your Own Style

Authentic Leadership – Finding Your Own Style

Managers should be authentic when dealing with issues and problems within the work role: hiding behind accepted, academic models of management style, while inwardly holding different views and opinions, often at odds with the norms of the organisation is no way to be.

Authenticity means being totally honest with yourself, especially when faced with a tough challenge or problem to overcome.

Step 1:take time to thoroughly identify the blocks and obstacles that prevent you from carrying out your role in the best way possible. This should include any internal and personal barriers including how you persevere excessive workloads, tight deadlines and relationships with the team that you are working with, A difficult process but an essential way of identifying what needs to change.

Step 2: using your past achievements, and how you got to these pinnacles of success, to assist you in moving forward with today’s challenges and issues. Conscious reflection will bring these experiences to life, for you to use again.

Step 3:set out a plan for moving forward, a plan that is of your making and owned by you. Get very logical and practical: list the tasks required to meet a specific challenge or to deliver a project. Once done, identify what the experiences you identified in Step 2 suggest about the best methods for actioning those tasks. The key is to identify the conditions or resources that were in place then, which can be recreated now. Once this is clear, the next steps will become much clearer.

This very simple, but highly effective approach can be used repeatedly to generate successes with different projects and problems and is very useful in defeating the inertia that we all have about deciding what steps to take next.

Good Luck!

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