Making Yourself Unforgettable In 3 Simple Steps

Making Yourself Unforgettable In 3 Simple Steps

Professionals and managers should always be looking for simple steps to network and widen contacts to generate business and to make links that are mutually beneficial.

The big question here is how to make sure that you are memorable for the right reasons, rather than the wrong reasons!

A simple and effective approach that generates results is the ABC technique:

Afterwards – find out what your contact might want from you, and what you might want from them.

Build certainty – make sure that you deliver for your contact (this is more important than getting what you want from them).

Close – agree the next steps in the relationship, making sure that you fulfil your part quickly and effectively.

Always remember that delivering honesty and integrity in networking, sales and general contact with others around you is very important and should not be taken for granted.

Good Luck!

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