How To Run Your Department Like A Pro

How To Run Your Department Like A Pro

Managers who run successful Departments can be separated out from the also-rans in the organisation (where performance is ok, acceptable and just a bit bland, a bit vanilla) by having an approach which gets results but which does not trample over the staff who are working for them.

Successful Departmental managers run their areas as if it were their own business!

Ask any successful Departmental manager about the reasons for their success and they will almost certainly point to the following guiding principles below:

  1. Do what you said you would do, when and how you said it would be done. Delivering on your promises is essential for people to see your honesty and integrity.
  2. If you make a contract you are bound by it – there can be no exceptions to this rule.
  3. Do what is right every time – not the cheapest, easiest and most convenient option. Always do the right thing with no exceptions.
  4. Let your customers, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders know that you are a person who can be relied upon to deliver.
  5. Set yourself very challenging goals – your competition will be doing this, so you must.
  6. Never tolerate poor performance, from yourself or others.
  7. Focus on accomplishments and not just activity: busy fools are never successful.
  8. Work faster, harder but above all else, smarter.
  9. Focus on work and avoid any temptation for play.
  10. Manage priorities, not time.

Take no shortcuts, follow them all to the best of your ability and get your well-deserved recognition.

Good Luck!

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