What Does Personal Integrity REALLY Mean?

What Does Personal Integrity REALLY Mean?

Showing personal integrity generates trust and is the basis of sound, effective and valuable personal and professional relationships.

A lack of personal integrity can make setting up and maintaining relationships effectively impossible because integrity is so much more than just being honest.

Integrity is all about bringing reality to what we say: keeping our promises and delivering what we say we will. Another key contribution to integrity is to be loyal to those who are not present in the room and are not able to defend themselves. If you defend those not present, then you will gain the trust and respect of those who are present.

Confrontation is another key factor in how integrity is shown. It takes real courage to bring in some confrontation to any form of interaction with those around you BUT, in doing so, you are showing that the difficult conversations that we all tend to shy away from are an important part of the communication/interaction process. Rather than keeping things sterile and avoiding the big issues in favour of a quiet life, people with integrity will bring these problems out into the open, where to not do so threatens progress and development. Although a difficult process, those around you will increase their trust in you, hence highlighting your personal integrity in difficult circumstances.

Always look to build upon and develop your personal integrity through the trust that others place in you.

Good Luck!

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