How To Get Things Done And Get On

How To Get Things Done And Get On

Managers at all levels in any organisation are constantly trying to be as effective as they possibly can be – and YOU should be no different.

As individuals climb the organisational ladder to bigger and better positions, salaries and benefits, does it ever cross your mind why some people seem to get on quicker than their peers, when in terms of qualifications and experience they shouldn’t?

The reason for this is that they have carefully and consistently worked upon being effective in what they do – and they will have followed the path below:

Attitude matters:

  • Self-responsibility: taking responsibility for your own actions by refusing to blame external factors and issues and recognising that you can play any set of circumstances either well or badly.
  • Resilience: willing to keep going and to persevere in difficult times. Riding the good time and reaping the success but also dealing with rejections and failures and learning from this. This also includes adapting to new circumstances well and looking for positives when there may appear to be few, if any. Where others retreat the resilient march forward.
  • Goal focus: always keeping your eyes on the achievement of the goal, however difficult this might seem. A stretching and motivating goal will always be a driving force for the successful manager, especially if this brings with it strong personal satisfaction and some intrinsic reward.
  • Able to deal with rejection: placing yourself in situations where the risk of having your approach or work rejected is a difficult and uncomfortable experience but strong and successful managers have been there and go there often. Rejection should not e feared and avoided if it is a learning experience.
  • Open to learning: a continued drive for learning and development should be uppermost in your mind and approach. Learning opens new doors and exposes you to new possibilities and opportunities, rather then just treading a very well-worn path.
  • Able to cope with isolation and social groups: able to work, and produce results, on an individual basis, often drawing upon your own pool of passion and drive and/or working collaboratively to deliver outstanding results.
  • Being curious: never accepting the “norm” for what it is, but to push the boundaries of what you know and to challenge accepted wisdom. Always push the “what if ….” agenda to roll out progress.
  • Self-discipline: taking personal and team responsibility seriously with a clear determination to see things through to the end. Make sure that you, and only you, are your harshest critic!
  • Courage: coming back stronger from disappointments and then getting back onto the right path again. This also includes taking tough decisions

Many of the above points overlap and are inter-dependent but attitude underpins them all.

Make sure that you work consistently and follow the path above to really succeed in your career path.

Good Luck!

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