How To Be Very Effective

How To Be Very Effective

What are the core skills of Effectiveness, the ability to get things done, relevant to today?

The following should be a suggested minimum level of performance:

  1. Self-organisation; the skill of designing, and working with a regime that is written by you, and for you, with a total fix upon delivering results.
  2. Preparation: planning for meetings, supervisions, communication with customers, suppliers and all stakeholders, scheduling work and meeting Key performance indicators.
  3. Engaging: having a range of social and interpersonal skills that can be used in any set of circumstances. This includes building effective rapport, developing trust and encouraging communication, of all types at all levels.
  4. Understanding: creating openness, asking appropriate and relevant questioning techniques, listening carefully and actively, summarising ad using challenge as necessary.
  5. Proposing: introducing your ideas and opinions in a way that moves issues and problems forward.
  6. Resolving issues and problems: recognising the concerns of others, handling objections and dealing with challenge in an appropriate manner.
  7. Gaining commitment: seeking and securing agreement whereby full engagement is gained.

Managers at all levels in any organisation are constantly trying to be as effective as they possibly can be – and YOU should be no different.

Good Luck!

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