Getting On – Knowledge Is The Key

Getting On – Knowledge Is The Key

You cannot be a success just by sheer personality, being in the right place at the right time and by being just plain lucky.

All the above are very useful but all fail if you do not have good quality, current and valid knowledge about what you are doing – essential when networking, getting on with colleagues and working with customers.

Your knowledge base should be built around the following:

  1. Global “big picture”: understanding the macro-environment that your organisation and its customers operate in. Familiarise yourself with a quick, but effective, PESTLE analysis – Political, Economic, Social, Legal, Technological and Environmental factors shaping the business and sector that you operate within.
  2. Sector specific: trends, major players, KPIs, jargon, calendars, benchmarks and general “hot topics”.
  3. Your customers and their business models: more than just what they buy but their finances, structures, strategy, key people in that business, culture, future plans, competitors and markets.
  4. Competitors: who and what do you face out there in the commercial world? What are their products, what are the claims about that product, what is the reality, what are their strengths and weaknesses, who do they employ?
  5. Your products/applications: good knowledge of your own products and services and how they work. How these ae being developed, how and why they are priced and what plans there are for market exploitation.
  6. Own company: the strategy of the organisation, structure, key people, finances, KPI performance.
  7. Commercial awareness: knowing how businesses work and sound understanding of financial matters.

Knowledge underpins your talent, attitude and skills to be successful.

Good Luck!

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