Sparking Something New On Monday Morning

Sparking Something New On Monday Morning

Let’s spark something different and more valuable on Monday, a very good place to start something new and fresh in what you are about:

  1. Recognise what is working well: this includes what you are doing along with what those around you are doing well too. When things get tough the positive review and acknowledgement of current successes and progress tends to be forgotten and is clouded out by thoughts of the present and the difficulties and challenges this creates for you. This moves and transforms attitudes, enhances teamwork, inspires higher performance and job satisfaction.
  2. Believe in what you are doing: bring your heart to work and let your emotions show what you are feeling. This is a liberating process and will help you communicate what is important to you and is a guaranteed way in which emotional engagement builds trust, collaboration and a strong output-focused way of doing things, starting right now!
  3. Work hard to uncover what motivates people around you and use this: what do people really care about? It will be far more than just the financial rewards from completing tasks and “doing the normal stuff” – it will be all about what they think is important, what they care about and what they can contribute. How have they contributed to what is real and present right now and how can that be used again to create something new? This is also an important set of questions for you too!
  4. Move away from negativity: obsessive negativity, finger-pointing and blame cultures only ever succeed in demoralised working, poor productivity and above all else, an unhappy and de-motivating place to work. Focus on the positives and the exciting challenges of the present and future.

Above all else, make Monday the time to identify what generates energy, commitment and action to bring about positive change,

Good Luck!

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