Sales Coaching Essentials

Sales Coaching Essentials

Having a skilled and professional sales team is a key ingredient for success for any organisation – a multi-year coaching programme generates high revenue growth.

The challenge is, however, designing a coaching package that equips and helps develop enthusiastic and motivated sales professionals.

The key ingredients here are:

  1. Measuring the impact across a range of metrics is critically important: this includes individual productivity and quota achievement, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and bottom-line growth. Write these in evaluative terms so that measurement is as easy as possible.
  2. Design the focus of the training to cover as many individual skills as possible: core topics here include listening/communication, products/service knowledge, presentation skills, sales processes and engaging/harvesting customers.
  3. Coaching should involve the entire organisation: this needs to involve customer service and business development personnel so that they can understand the wider context of the sales tasks.
  4. Make sure your sales coaches are using proven and effective strategies for delivering your coaching programme: pairing existing coaches with new coaches, run basic training programmes aimed at developing specific sales competences, use external courses for your coaches where necessary and hire external coaches to train your internal coaches.

Always remember that running programmes and courses do not give immediate results and they will take time to bed in and become effective – coaching is a sales transformation process that may take some time to give the results that you want and need.

Good Luck!

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