How To Get Promoted – 5 Key Success Factors

How To Get Promoted – 5 Key Success Factors

To be successful in your workplace, and to really develop your career, you have to focus upon 5 critical areas and to put all of your effort into them in equal measure.

These are as follows:

  1. Having a growth mindset: this means being solution focused, open to all learning and development opportunities that come along, showing positivity, resilience, creativity and being productive in your work role.
  2. Performance: knowing what you are good at BUT more importantly, knowing where you can improve and doing something about that. Seeking out feedback from all around you and systematically focusing on where to further develop your skills, knowledge and competence.
  3. Being Organised: planning your daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly priorities. Having your core tasks mapped out, responding to issues and problems but above all else identifying where you can increase personal productivity.
  4. Relationships: working with others to build confidence, increase team working, collaboration, morale and productivity.
  5. Being Valuable: this is all about behaving in such a way that you attract the right sort of attention by keeping up to date with market trends and customer needs, sharing ideas for improving systems and increasing effectiveness and efficiency, learning about the organisation and being solution focused.

All of the above points need a clear focus and commitment and there will be times when some are more important or easy to develop than others – the key to success is to keep close attention to them all.

Good Luck!

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