How To Manage A Difficult 1:1 Meeting

How To Manage A Difficult 1:1 Meeting

Not all employees are good employees and there will be times when matters of performance, attitude and working relationships need to be challenged so that targets can be met and the rules and expectations of the working environment need to be re-set.

Not an easy conversation but a necessary one BUT one that can go horribly wrong and create more stress and pressure.

Having a plan to deal with the challenge is essential – use the GOOD Model to make this work for you:

G – GOALS: what short, medium and long term goals are being set here? These need to be specific and mean something for the member of staff but which focus specifically upon the behaviours that have caused the problem in the first place, otherwise nothing will change. Be sure to set some goals that need to be achieved before the next, and subsequent, meetings.

O – OBSTACLES: what things are standing in the way of the improved performance that is needed? Be clear on exactly what you can do to remove them and the help you can offer here BUT make it very clear what obstacles the member of staff needs to remove and manage for themselves in the process.

0 – OPPORTUNITIES:  what learning opportunities/training/personal development can you offer the person concerned? Are there shadowing and coaching that could be delivered to bring about a change in behaviour and approach? Encourage the individual concerned to reflect on their current behaviour and establish a new way of conducting themselves.

D – DECISIONS: what happens now, immediately and what is to happen in the short and medium term? What actions are now required before any subsequent meetings to measure progress and development? Decisions here are all about SMART objectives and targets (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound).

Difficult meetings and 1:1 events need not be stressful and something to avoid IF you have a solid, logical plan!

Good Luck!

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