How To Get The Best Results From People

We all assume that management has a good grip on what is going on and that it has very good knowledge upon which to make decisions.

Not so!

People on the edge of the organisation know more than management will ever know. Or understand.

People on the edge of the organisation know exactly what is going on and have a direct interface with the customer and the challenge of the market.

Management will never know how this works. Ever.

The only way to make this work for the benefit of everyone in the organisation, and for the organisation itself, is to close the gap between authority and information so that managers give authority down to the level where the information is.


Following on from this the next challenge is to manage both technical competence and organisational clarity and perspective, so that technical competence does not get in the way of organisational success.

Staff delivering the work of the organisation should then have a good understanding of what success looks and feels like through clear and effective communication.

Use the above principles to shape your organisation or area of responsibility for the benefit of all.

Good Luck!

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