Your Monday Morning Plan For Success

Your Monday Morning Plan For Success

It’s a new week and the past is the past – last week’s problems and issues might well be coming around again but they can really be cut down to size with a fresh approach – and a good PLAN!

Having a fresh, new mindset for Monday will help you get over the hurdle of starting the new week with a new, more productive approach.

Try the GOOD Plan for a really positive start to the week ahead:

G  – GOALS: what exactly do you want to achieve (write them down!), how will this be different from last week, what new plans are you now making and how will you measure this?

O – OBSTACLES: what is standing in your way, how can they be managed and who can you work with to overcome them?

O – OPPORTUNITIES: what can you use in a positive way that will give you a boost? What have you learned from the last few weeks and months to give you an edge?

D – DECISIONS: what concrete decisions are you now going to make to make inroads into the problems and issues you are facing? How will you map them out and chase progress on them?

Monday does not have to be a major issue IF you have a plan and are determined to see it through.

It only takes a small nudge to change things dramatically – start something positive this coming Monday and feel empowered by it!

Good Luck!

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