How To Resolve Conflict In A High Performing Team

How To Resolve Conflict In A High Performing Team

High performing teams are what all organisations and managers want, and when they work well, they can produce outstanding results.

However, just because the team is delivering very good results does not make it immune from the threat of conflict from within. People are people, after all!

Conflict in a high performing team is acceptable, just as letting that conflict go, but what is NOT acceptable is when that conflict goes underground and threatens the overall effectiveness of what is being delivered.

The way to deal with tis is to let peer accountability come to the fore.

There are four key points here:

  1. If the team is not aligned in terms of business goals, then resources will not be shared resulting in poor performance.
  2. If accountabilities are not clear, then expectations in terms of collaboration and performance will not be achieved.
  3. If routines and ways of working are not clear, team members will fill this void by making up their own systems, often competing with and contrasting with organisational processes.
  4. If there are no clear business relationships and interdependencies, people will revert back to working in silos, resulting in poor performance and outputs.

Always be mindful that even high performing teams need explicit boundaries, however broad these might be.

Good Luck!

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