How To Make Meetings Work For YOU

How To Make Meetings Work For YOU

Meetings are nice when there are only two people involved – big meetings become unwieldy and there are just too many different agendas happening for everyone to leave feeling that they have participated, had their say and got what they wanted from the process.

Large meetings are unproductive because:

  • Nothing gets decided
  • Decisions take loo long
  • The most vocal person in the meeting looks like they are the most knowledgeable person in the room and they inevitably get their way

To reduce these risks, try the following:

  • Make the decisions wherever possible on a 1:1 basis – big meetings are never a good forum for making good decisions
  • Only invite people who can influence the decision, and/or will make the decision better, and/or care
  • If you can only contribute to a limited number of agenda items, ask if it is possible to move the agenda order around so that your topics get dealt with first so that you can contribute and then leave
  • Send non-attendees a specific “Actions Needed” email detailing what they are required to provide and by when, that way nothing falls down a big hole or gets forgotten about
  • Only attend a meeting that helps you and others, not because you always have attended it!

Meetings cost time and hoover up energy and enthusiasm – make the ones you go to count!

Good Luck!

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