How To Develop Your Personal Charisma

How To Develop Your Personal Charisma

Focusing upon how you interact with those around you is a critical success factor in being and effective and efficient leader or manager.

People, in whatever setting, like to be around others who have some degree of magnetism or allure. Put simply charismatic people pull others towards them without really having to try.

To boil this down into practical steps that we can all follow, your focus should be on the following development areas:

  • Vision and selling a picture – consistently generating new ideas and approaches that draw attention to you
  • Environmental awareness – seeing barriers that hinder progress and then working carefully and systematically to reduce their impact
  • Personal and professional risk taking – doing this in a way that develops the organisation and pushes forward products/services/thinking
  • Using unconventional thinking – the ability to challenge and propose new ways/challenge the accepted ways of doing things
  • Showing strong sensitivity to the needs of others – recognising that others have needs, feelings and views that they support, have invested time in and accept as the recognised way to do things
  • Not supporting or maintaining the status quo – recognising that change is inevitable and vigorously challenging current and old practices, even if this leads to being unpopular

Charisma is something that requires constant updating and development – make sure that this is one of your top priorities.

Good Luck!

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