Control Or Freedom – What Is Your Management Style?

Control Or Freedom – What Is Your Management Style?

Good management is all about getting things done as effectively and efficiently as we can, and within that there is always a temptation to be controlling and directive in the way we plan and deliver against targets.

Control has its place but focus on stressing that subordinates follow rules and procedures 100% of the time, having a focus just on production, making staff work to full capacity, allocating staff to specific tasks, establishing standards of performance and scheduling work using uniform procedures and processes just generates what you already have in terms of output, quality and performance.

Not the philosophy required by a cutting edge, market-savvy, progressive organisation!

Freedom is where a leader defines peoples’ roles, focuses on goal attainment and establishes clear channels of communication but there is real consideration shown with respect for staff. Appreciation for effort is a natural process with an assumption that staff want to work well and try to make it easier for them to do so. Embedded into this approach is not expecting more from staff than they can reasonably do, helping staff with personal problems and being approachable and available for help. High performance is recognised and celebrated, but not necessarily with financial measures.

Put simply, under which style would you rather work?

Time to let go of Control and move to a more Freedom-based approach?

Good Luck!

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