How To Gain Employee Engagement

How To Gain Employee Engagement

In your workplace it is very likely that over half of the employees do not feel inspired or motivated by their work. Staff are turning up at work but are not “engaged” in any real way, show no excitement and are highly likely to leave for another employer given the chance.

This is a very worrying situation but the best remedy for this is to improve employee engagement, most easily done by improving your leadership skills.

Successful managers naturally have a focus upon empowering, encouraging, and equipping individuals and teams to do their best work, whilst encouraging and then using their feedback to identify ways to improve.

Managers are responsible for employee engagement – there is no escaping that fact!

Developing and then retaining employee engagement boils down to the following which every manager should master:

  • Empower

Effective management is about getting out of the way and enabling the individual or team to succeed. This means allowing staff to freely innovate and change things to get better results – this is a very good way of motivating staff. All you need to do is provide the guidance and direction necessary, then allowing staff to get on with the job.

Always remember to make sure that staff can consult with you on issues as they arise when support might be needed.

  • Encourage

Any organisation will experience good as well as bad times, when motivation will fluctuate and engagement will hit highs and lows. This requires a clear eyed focus and understanding that there may be staff who have never actually worked through adversity and serious difficulties and who will need reassurance.

As a leader, create space for psychological safety, trust, and help those struggling to persevere. This leadership attribute speaks to intention and creating an environment where the full potential of the team is unleashed.

  • Experience

Managers should share their experience and knowledge so that individuals and teams can grow and develop; similarly the experience of both individuals and teams should be shared with managers too!

This can be delivered through mentoring, coaching and custom-built training programmes – the more experience is shared, the faster goals and targets will be achieved.

  • Equip

Train your staff so that they have all of the necessary tools needed to perform well.

Never go with the “sink or swim” approach which causes staff to needlessly waste time trying to figure out the most mundane tasks. The first 90 days of employment are critical, so make sure that you spend time and effort in getting things right first time, every time.

  • Explain

Provide clear goals and concrete deadlines. Do this without fail.

Your number one task as a manager is to deliver clear communication. If you are unclear about your expectations, there will always be problems or issues around performance.

Paint a vivid picture so that everyone can see the vision and where people fit into this.

If you want high performing individuals and teams you have to work to deliver the five Es of engagement – there is simply no other way!

Good Luck!

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