How To Set Up A Very Successful Team

How To Set Up A Successful Team

Teams are the default management philosophy in many different organisations because managers fully recognise the power of collective thought and passion.

The trick in establishing a successful team lies in the manager’s ability to bring together the correct balance of individuals to work together and to find an effective and efficient solution to tasks and issues.

The following factors need to be considered when setting up a team:

  1. Exactly how many individual members should there be in the team: the ideal number sits somewhere between 5 and 8. There are no definitive numbers on the ideal team size BUT a team with over 10 members becomes disjointed, fractious and hard to control.
  2. What is the mix of abilities within the team? Members should have complimentary abilities so that there is a sharing of knowledge and skill, rather than having a significant number of members with the same abilities, hence a blend of different abilities is essential. What has been done to measure the experiences of the team so that members can make relevant inputs to the work of the team?
  3. Demographics: successful teams have a rage of ages, ethnicities and social backgrounds, combined with an appropriate gender balance.
  4. Personalities: again, an appropriate range of outgoing, extrovert, introvert and reserved personality types should be present. Too many of any one of those personality types will restrict the functions of that team and make a positive outcome that much harder to achieve. Do the members of the team show a preference for team working itself? Above all else, however, are they conscientious?
  5. Attitudes: do the members of the team have a similar approach to the task, as it has been set, and are they focused on finding the best solution or outcome?Commitment to the task and the organisation is an essential part of the process in setting up and managing a high performing team.

Successful teams always need a balance and a team of self-centred stars will never succeed at anything.

Good Luck!

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