What Good Task Allocation Looks And Feels Like

What Good Task Allocation Looks And Feels Like

We might well have a Training Plan, accompanied by a glossy and well-planned Training Calendar, but when it really matters, the effectiveness and impact of the sums we are spending on Training boils down to the context we are operating in. This is then reflected in how tasks are allocated to individuals and teams.

To put this into basic terms, there are only three possible scenarios:

Panic: tasks are piled on top of both the team and the individual, often as the result of extreme pressure and tight deadlines, in the hope of the product or service that is needed being completed to the right standard. This has the result of demotivating all concerned and stays long in the memory of an example where the management/organisation got it very badly wrong. Avoid the Panic reaction at all cost as the likelihood of getting a good result is virtually Nil. Ask yourself the question “How did this link back into our Training Strategy?”

Comfort: tasks are delegated down to the team and the individual which are well within the knowledge, skills and competence of all involved. This type of work allocation is a mere maintenance approach and will neither motivate nor engage those involved. To have Comfort Tasks to deal with on a very regular, possibly daily basis, is very limiting and does not build up any reserves of knowledge, skills and competence for the future. Training and development is not progressing skills development.

Stretch: the ideal situation regarding training and development of the team and the individual. Work should be an experience where everyone has their skills consistently developed and expanded so that they become more motivated and engaged with their surroundings. This also has the effect of developing the resilience of the organisation to meet new challenges and to better serve and meet customer requirements.

Task allocation and training should always go hand-in hand and should be focused on the positives around a Stretch approach.

Good Luck!

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