The Best Feedback Formula EVER

The Best Feedback Formula EVER

Feedback should be a smooth and flowing process – everyone needs feedback to assess their performance and to identify future development needs plus feedback is an essential part of motivation and well-being.

Using the model below should make this important task a lot easier.

When giving staff feedback, it is important that they know what they did, what the effect was and what they need to do to change. The EEC Feedback Formula achieves this in the following three parts:

  1. Example – tell the person what they did, making sure that you are as specific as possible so that there is no argument or confusion about it.
  2. Effect – tell them the effect of their action on you, making sure that you are as specific as possible. If the feedback is positive, you should stop here.
  3. Change – agree with them how to make a change. This agreement can range from them suggesting what to do differently through to you telling them. This will probably involve some element of counselling in that change, depending upon the individual concerned.

The more time you spend refining your feedback skills the more effective and efficient you will become as a leader and manager.

Good Luck!

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