Why Is Feedback On Performance A Critical Management Skill?

Why Is Feedback On Performance A Critical Management Skill?

Feedback keeps us all motivated and allows us to develop our knowledge and skills so that we can improve – and we are all capable of improvement!

The feedback systems that you use should aim to achieve the following:

  • To ensure that standards within the individual’s job role are being at least maintained
  • To recognise the strengths, and weaknesses, of the individual concerned
  • To develop confidence and to stretch the individual to achieve more in the job role
  • To identify areas for improvement so that these can systematically be worked upon and developed
  • To offer advice and support on key targets and outputs
  • To explore alternatives and to offer strategies for personal and professional development
  • To encourage systematic self-reflection and self-awareness

Feedback sessions need to be carefully planned and organised over a period of time to make sure all of the above points are covered, in order for staff to make sustained improvements in terms of measurable outcomes and to make a greater contribution to the wider organisation.

Good Luck!

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