The Keys To REAL Personal Effectiveness

The Keys To REAL Personal Effectiveness

We all want to be effective, but this not always easy, raises big questions for us to face  and is a constant “work in progress” going forward.

This is made worse on many occasions as those around us get promoted, achieve their targets and are generally held in high regard, while we work hard and diligently, but just do not seem to get the breaks that we feel we deserve.

The secret to being more effective lies in putting your efforts into four specific areas:

  1. Ownership of your direction: continually owning your tasks and targets, having a strong results focus and showing commitment.
  2. Delivering your goals: speed, purpose and direction should be the things that set the pace for you.
  3. Discipline: assessing and then managing and reducing the impact of the risks you face, positive and effective communication, self-discipline, multi tasking.
  4. Open to continual learning: being open minded and willing to look at new approaches, motivated to learn and being resilient in the face of change.

Keep working at this simple but effective approach!

Good Luck!

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