How To Be An Influencing Genius

How To Be An Influencing Genius

  • Cultivate every interest group inside your organisation: fully understand where power sits, who has it and how they use it. Research, check, check again and recognise who is very important, important, not important and irrelevant.
  • Find ways of working with your boss, even if you do not like them and the relationship is strained. You cannot choose who that person is and they are there for a reason.
  • Keep the interest groups onside: spend time cultivating them and understanding their perceptions on issues.
  • Gather information everywhere: know who the movers and shakers in your area of expertise are, speak to them regularly and use their input and views to shape how you carry out your role. The more you know the more effective you become. Become an expert at hoovering up information.
  • Never let other people cause you stress: put your blinkers on and make sure that only you let the right people into your space. Tell others they will not be getting into your space, hence they will not be giving you any stress or concern.
  • Always remember that crises blow over: stick to your strategy, keep moving forward and ignore all the noise that is going on because crises pass. Always.

Influencing skills always need to be worked upon – make sure that you are doing this today, and every day.

Good Luck!

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