How To Be A Success When Winning An Internal Promotion

How To Be A Success When Winning An Internal Promotion

Well done! You got the job and beat off your rivals to land that much-wanted internal promotion.

Being promoted internally is theoretically a straightforward way to progress to your next career position from within the organisation because as an internal candidate this represents the result of a significant period of dedication, effort, application and attention to detail.

  1. Be aware of your past. Staff will know the new appointee and will already have a good knowledge of their past dealings, track records and relationships. There will therefore be some built-in expectations from a whole range of staff. This will also include your leadership style and operational strategies. The only way to deal with tis is to focus on the new areas of the new job and put your efforts int that, rather then still living and breathing the old job. This MUST be your focus as the new job will bring with it new key areas to learn and master. In all cases, practice good quality servant-leadership, delivering resources and capacity for your new team.
  2. You will upset those who previously supported you. The new role means having a new philosophy which will be at odds with the views and perceptions of those who previously supported you. Decisions you are making will be not welcomed by all and there will be some alienation coming from this. Avoid making decisions based on a narrow mindset – your job is much bigger than the previous one and now demands a much wider view of the world.
  3. Managing staff who were, until recently, your peers. A difficult process especially when you want their commitment and enthusiasm but when some of them will be bruised by not getting the job you won! Get them onside quickly but explain that any decisions you are making from now on are purely objective, based on facts, figures and trends, and not based on what went along in the previous role.
  4. Setting the right pace of change. Rushing into large scale change, based on what you always thought was needed from a distance, is a recipe for disaster. Think carefully here about priorities and do not be overly ambitious in the early stages of settling into the role.

Good Luck!

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