Giving Good Quality Feedback On Performance – You’ve Got This!

Giving Good Quality Feedback On Performance – You’ve Got This!

Staff need feedback and giving this is a key part of any manager’s job – this creates a lot of stress and concern for some managers, especially when they do not really understand the wider importance of feedback and definitely when communicating issues of under-performance or poor behaviour.

The trick in this process is to consider the basic principles behind any kind of feedback, which are:

  1. Feedback should be structured in such a way that there is an improvement in the work and output of the individual concerned.
  2. Feedback should aim to improve the knowledge, skill level and competence of the individual concerned so that they can show improvements in both their effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Feedback should always seek to improve the motivation of the individual concerned.

Always remember the above three points when delivering any feedback – the content may well differ for individual members of a team BUT it should always contain them!

We can always improve so we should be seeking feedback on our own performance on a regular and systematic basis.

Good Luck!

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