Are You Using The Right Networks To Be A Success?

Are You Using The Right Networks To Be A Success?

Networking is all about developing and maintaining relationships with others who we consider have the potential to assist us in a variety of ways, but primarily in our work or career aims.

So, what types of networking might you be involved in, or may want to explore?

  • Practitioner networking: people joined together with a common training or professional interest, which can be either formal or informal
  • Power-based networking; people at similar managerial levels who link together across a wide range of organisations or sectors
  • Ideological networking: people keen to promote a shared set of values or beliefs
  • People-orientated: friendship or family groups
  • Strategic: groups with a desire to help develop links with people in other organisations where there is some form of benefit or synergy by having a collective view on issues, problems or business development

If you are not involved in practical networking or working to expand your existing personal and professional networks then you need to remedy this situation very quickly.

Good Luck!

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