New Monday Success – You’ve Got This!

New Monday Success – You’ve Got This!

Monday success is all part of a process – you might need a small element of luck, but success can be boiled down to following personal strategies:

  1. Being responsible for your actions: accepting when things go well as well as when things are not so good. This will draw admiration and respect from those around you.
  2. Knowing how and when to recognise success; being very clear on what success for you as a person looks like, feels like and the features if that success..
  3. Being organised: knowing that you have designed and set up systems and routines that will protect you and allow you to give your best.
  4. Get important people to buy into your purpose and direction and why you do the things that you do; this means being someone people can invest in.
  5. Use routines to help you get to where you need to be: this can include personal organisation and having a standard decision making process so that you give every decision the same approach.
  6. Steering conversations and interactions in your direction: this is not about bullying or directing people but having subtle but strong communication skills that work for you and which deliver the kind of results you are looking for.
  7. Keeping your focus under pressure: when things get challenging successful people understand why this has happened and then set out on a course of action that is appropriate and successful.
  8. Be a positive not a negative role model; being remembered for making the right decisions, doing things in the right way and being kind and supporting to those around you.

You may not be able to achieve all of the above instantly, and some might take more time to perfect than others, but you really should be working on them all day, every day, not just Monday!

Good Luck!

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