How To Have Impact As A Leader

How To Have Impact As A Leader

We all want to be a success, and we try hard to do the right thing, yet some people just seem to have this down to a fine art, where it looks as if they don’t even have to try hard to make a positive impact.

So, what are the secrets of Positive Impact?

Positive Impact is all down to the following – master these and you are achieving strong wins in the impact department:

  • Role modelling values and behaviours: do your words and actions resonate with those around you so that they look to you for direction and opinion? Staff will always look at those in leadership and management positions to see what they can learn from your working style. Remember, though, that role models can be either a positive or a negative influence!
  • Reputation: what do people say about you and the way that you conduct yourself, in a variety of contexts and situations. You alone are responsible for this because people will judge you on your performance and however unfair or unjust this may feel to you, it happens all the time. Have one eye on building up positive history and outcomes which then feed into your reputation. Again, remember that reputation can be good or bad!
  • Productivity; do you get things done or is your output level lagging below those of your peers? What can you do to be more effective and efficient? Remember that staff will not want to be associated with a leader or manager who does not produce the goods!
  • Job satisfaction: are you satisfied and stimulated by what you do and how you do it? Have you set yourself challenging but realistic targets that show you have the skills, knowledge and competence to be successful? People who are excited by their jobs breed confidence in others and this is contagious.
  • Confidence; this is written all over your face and represents itself in body language and the “aura” that surrounds you. People lacking in confidence simply do not inspire others and will always have a mountain to climb to convince others that they are competent and that they can be relied upon. Confident people appear to be calm, are measured and have the skill of judging people and situations which then builds into their reputation. Even if you are not confident in any particular situation, give the appearance that you are!
  • Loyalty: are you committed to your work, family and social settings? Loyalty brings with it reliability and a clear focus in your thinking and behaviours. Contrast this to people who do not have this trait and you will see how poor their levels of impact are on those around them.
  • Engagement: how good are you at working with people and in getting on well with others? Nobody likes someone who is too confident in the way they interact with others (think over-enthusiastic direct sales people!) but a healthy commitment to forging good relationships with people is essential. Never fall into the trap of just using people for your own gains – engagement is definitely a two-way process!

Keep working on your Impact – this is a career and personal task that is never finished!

Good Luck!

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