Excellent Communication – You’ve Got This!

Excellent Communication – You’ve Got This!

Communication does not have to be difficult, yet many managers and people from all walks of life, get this wrong – and then have to recover something that should have got right first time, every time.

We all use the following styles of communication, each of which has its own features and limitations, but knowing them is a different matter!

  • Tell: just issuing orders or instructions where the recipient has no input to make. Using this method has relevance where communication only need to ne one-way. Using this method on a regular basis effectively cuts you off from people and alienates you from meaningful, open communication.
  • Sell: a step up from Tell as here you are putting across the positives of what you want to happen. People on the receiving end of this approach at least feel they are involved, just not very much! Minimise how you use this approach, but at least it is preferable to Tell!
  • Discuss: fully communicating with those around you where their opinions, views and experiences are looked for and acted upon. This generates significant contribution and openness from those involved and you become respected and valued, rather than someone who just imposes themselves on others.
  • Empower: recognising that your views, opinions and experiences are no more valuable than anyone else so that your communication style is just one voice amongst others around you.

In broad terms try to follow the guide below on the ratios of your communication style:

Tell: aim for 10%

Sell: aim for 20%

Discuss: aim for 30%

Empower: aim for 40%

You won’t always get the balance right but communication is all about engaging and working with those around you, rather than imposing yourself onto people!

Good Luck!

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