How To Get Through A Bad Day

How To Get Through A Bad Day

We all try to do the very best that we can and work and drive ourselves forward to meet deadlines and targets, because this is an important part of management.

If we are careful, and if we also get some good luck along the way, we will be successful BUT there will be days when things do not go as we wanted them to and when it is just a bit of a nightmare!

Even the super-talented amongst us get it wrong, sometimes very wrong, from time to time.

Mistakes are part of human life, and the workplace is no exception to this.

Surviving, and thriving, when it goes wrong, is down to the following:

  1. Confess it all: it might be tempting to cover up the mistake,but this only ever puts off the inevitable when the issue comes to light. Get things off your chest and out into the open.
  2. Say sorry: use those exact plain and simple words to get the message across. Never use elaborate or fancy words that mean sorry, just say it. Chances are that if you say sorry right at the start then forgiveness comes a lot quicker.
  3. Be ware of those in the room hearing your confession: consider who is around you, consider what their responses might be and be prepared to deal with the comments that they will be throwing your way.
  4. Put it all down to experience: treat the event as a key piece of personal development and training. Successful people are successful because they have learned from mistakes by really understanding what happened, why it happened and what they did to correct the issue.
  5. Discuss what you have learned from the experience: put this into any Supervision or Appraisal that is due to take place. Mistakes should heighten our self-awareness and reflective skills and will always drive us all to do better next time.
  6. Maintain your focus: keep going. There is absolutely no point sitting outside being morose or crying in the toilets – what has happened is that you have had a bad day, you have not failed in your career. This is all about taking big steps forward by building up your resilience, widening your experience and showing some humility and good grace.
  7. Remember that even the worst experiences have a silver lining: at least you will not be going down that path again!

It is simply not possible to avoid making mistakes and having a bad day – but you can be good at dealing with them!

Good Luck!

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