Five Management Habits You MUST Have To Be Successful

Five Management Habits You MUST Have To Be Successful

Habits are great, but only if they are productive habits.

The habit of stopping to check your email Inbox every five minutes is not a good habit, unless you are expecting some kind of earth-shattering, apocalyptic message the puts everything into perspective.

I’m guessing that is not the case – so stop doing it!

Wandering around and looking busy, when actually you are busy and there are important things to do annoys people and this is another annoying habit.

We all know what our time-wasting actions are and they are poor habits that get in the way of being successful and getting things done.

On a far more positive note, try working to develop the following POSITIVE habits which will bring results, achievement and job satisfaction:

  1. Learn from your mistakes: this means actually dissecting the issue, analysing how you dealt with it and really understanding what you can learn from the experience. Staff who make a mistake should be forgiven and then encouraged to understand why and how they made the mistake so that it does not happen again. Incidentally, it is a big problem if that member if the team makes the same mistake in the same circumstances as some kind of very negative habit is developing there.
  2. Follow up on what you start, or on tasks that you are given to do: never just assume that what you have planned will come to fruition if you just leave things alone. Always see things through to the end even if you are not a particularly enthusiastic Completer-Finisher!
  3. Ask questions: opportunities are buried within questions but merely asking for facts gives no real insight into how and why things are as they are! Always ask questions that begin with How, What, Where, When and Why?
  4. Be in the moment: this means avoiding the regretful look over the shoulder at things that did not go well and avoiding like the plague the wishful thinking of the future. Neither of these views are in the slightest way a positive, but the here and now you can influence.
  5. Knowing that you can, and will, be wrong: nobody is right all of the time, so make sure that you know this and that you tell those around you that you make mistakes and get things wrong. A little realism and humility goes a very long way!

Good Luck!

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