Let’s Refocus And Start Something New

Let’s Refocus And Start Something New

If things are getting a bit stale or, worse still, at a bit of a crossroads for you, the time is always right for a Refocus of who you are, where you are and what you are about.

Hurdles come and go but big brick walls need a different approach.

Taking stock of where we are and recognising that change is a positive choice will mean that the dread and threat of the current apocalypse can be managed and harnessed in a productive way.

Try the following Refocus actions and see if they work for you:

  • Get organised as quickly as possible – spend quality time on making sure that you have a clear desk or working space so that you have room to deal with the tasks ahead
  • Always plan your tasks the day before and NEVER on the actual day
  • Identify the big, critical tasks that you are facing first and deal with them right away – do not dither on things that are not important as these are nothing more than time traps
  • Regularly revisit your Goals – things change and your Goals might actually become irrelevant and a weight around your neck
  • Always keep your eyes fully open so that you can spot, and then develop/exploit all opportunities that come your way
  • It is essential to get some traction and movement in dealing with your big challenges – et mini-targets that are achievable and which will give you a quick “buzz” from completion
  • Keep Positive and Open, despite the politics around you

Keep using the Mantra above and keep refining your approach – small improvements over time make big improvements in the long term.

Good Luck!

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