Motivating A Negative Person

Motivating A Negative Person

Team members can become de-motivated for a wide variety of reasons but if this happens it is the manager’s job to correct this situation and re-energise that individual.

Try the following strategies to get motivation moving again:

  • Use problems to motivate them. If this is presented as a serious issue that needs addressing quickly and effectively, and the more serious or difficult the problem is presented, then the more motivated they will be to find a solution.
  • Use language such as resolving issues, solution, what’s wrong, what’s broken, fix, prevention and cure. Such words have a very strong emotional push associated with them and focus upon the individual’s skills base and competence in the job.
  • Break down large tasks into a series of smaller ones – things that can be completed in a day or less. Make sure that they monitor the progress achieved and that they record this.
  • Keep reminding the individual what will happen if they don’t achieve the goal for long tasks. This is important because once problems are solved that person will lose their motivation so you need to keep reminding them.

Good Luck!

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