How To Motivate Staff To Improve Quality And Accuracy

How To Motivate Staff To Improve Quality And Accuracy

Customers make increasingly demanding standards and the market will always be a place where success is measured by providers who deliver quality and accuracy: having staff and teams that can rise to that challenge is an essential ingredient in having a profitable business.

Motivating your human capital, in whatever form it takes, separates out the successful manager/organisation from the also-rans. Try the following points to get increased quality and accuracy from your staff:

  1. Lack of understanding around the standards you require: do your staff understand the quality standards that the customer/market needs? Ask them why they think the customer needs theses standards. The key here is to explain, carefully and in plain terms, what is needed and why it is needed.
  2. Poor tools, materials and instructions: do these have an impact on what is being produced and delivered? Make sure that your equipment and infrastructure is actually capable of delivering what you need.
  3. Lack of skill: analyse the work and working methods of your staff. Compare the skill and work of those staff meeting the standard required with the skill and work of those who do not meet the standard. What conclusions can you draw from this?
  4. Train those who do not meet the standard: use the working methods of the successful staff as a benchmark.
  5. Move staff into other jobs if they cannot meet the standard that you need: work that is detailed and needs to be accurate can be very difficult for some people. This does not mean being heavy handed or brutal in your assessment, it is about finding the right tasks for the right people. Tread carefully and show support and sensitivity.
  6. Make sure that new staff always have the best possible start in the process: this begins at the interview stage where it is essential that applicants know exactly what is required and what they need to deliver over a long period of time. Think how your Induction process prepares staff to make a positive and valuable contribution to the organisation.

Good Luck!

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