How To Be More Effective

How To Be More Effective

No matter how tough and resilient you are, there will be times when things do not go your way, pressures build up, deadlines come thick and fast, colleagues and family members create stress and things that you definitely do not want to happen, happen.

Digging yourself out of a hole is not easy and comes from experience.

Try the following pointers for yourself, when times get challenging and the normal, motivated you, appears to have gone away:

  1. If you lose interest in tasks, sit down and identify what your attention span actually is. Time yourself and see when your mind starts to wander off the topic you are dealing with. Repeat this for a number of tasks, record the findings and then use this to plan out your activities, making sure that you use the productive time as a guide to stop you losing focus.
  2. Divide your work into tasks that will take less time than your normal attention span.
  3. Schedule your work so that you change tasks and activities throughout the day. In this way you will make sure that your attention span does not run out and that you stay fresh and alert.
  4. If you are dealing with unpleasant tasks focus upon how things will be when you have completed them. Keep this picture in your mind and use it to drive you forward – a much better and highly effective way of getting things done, rather than focusing on how bad the task is!
  5. When you are faced with a big task to complete it can be very daunting and you will feel reluctant to actually set about the job. If you break down the task into different components or stages you will have small objectives to complete, which gives you some momentum once you complete a few of them. This is all about the achievement of completion, rather than the amount of time you have spent getting them done. Put each small stage or segment of the task into a formal Plan and tick them off once completed – a very satisfying feeling!
  6. Reward yourself for your achievements – these can be really simple things that you like, they need not be expensive but they will act as a prompt for you to get things completed.

Good Luck!

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