Dealing With Managerial Stress

Dealing With Managerial Stress

Management is a stressful job – we cannot control everything, disasters happen, we cannot choose our manager, our colleagues and often those in our team. Despite this we are still expected to manage in difficult times, taking the correct decisions that help the organisation operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Do not even mention the Monday Morning Stress!

We all have different ways of working with stress, some will be more successful than others, but often the key lies in recognising the different types of stress we experience and having a balanced view on how to deal with it.

Can you identify the following types of stress in your management role?

  1. Time stress: the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day to get things done or that deadlines are just too tight to be realistic. Deadlines press, work gets missed. Good, effective Time Management techniques can help reduce this pressure and give you the chance to get ahead.
  2. Situational stress: stress associated with the job you are carrying out. This can be made worse by the characters that surround you in the workplace and the role you are undertaking. Good techniques to deal with this form of stress include separating out work from social/domestic life to give you some breathing space and deciding upon clear priorities in the job role and acting out accordingly.
  3. Anticipatory stress: the “worry” that we all feel from time to time. The feeling that some, as yet, unknown disaster is heading your way, that no news is good news and the worst outcome is the most likely one. Try boxing your concerns in and being more realistic about potential outcomes – the worst might happen, but not all the time!
  4. Encounter stress: the anxiety that comes from having to work and deal with people that you find difficult, challenging or who you fear. Such people may be just unpleasant, unpredictable and who do not follow the normal social norms that you do. Strategies here include retreating behind your official role and limiting your interaction to just business formalities, being strictly formal or perhaps communicating by writing rather than actually meeting or socialising with them.

It may only takes a small change in your behaviour and approach to issues to improve things dramatically – start something positive around your stress levels and feel empowered by it!

Good Luck!

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