Basic Rules For Team Success – You’ve Got This!

Basic Rules For Team Success – You’ve Got This!

Do’s for successful team building:

  • Establish that you actually need a team
  • Take time and trouble to manage/facilitate the team’s development and activity
  • Establish common aims, objectives and success criteria for the task
  • Clarify who is to do what, by when, as their contribution to the team’s targets
  • Remember that you cannot win a team game on your own
  • Communicate freely with all members of the team
  • Manage meetings so that everyone has their say and feels involved

Don’ts for successful team building:

  • Expect a new team to be effective and efficient from the very beginning
  • A team is a living thing and needs an induction and development to make it successful
  • Exercise tight management and crush any creativity or new ideas
  • Let individual members of the team take the credit for the team’s achievements
  • Dominate activity, even if this is unintentional or done without realising it

Good Luck!

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