Your Personal Review On Monday Morning

Your Personal Review On Monday Morning

The Monday Blues should not be something that drags you down – if things are not going as you would have like them to be it is time for a quick and effective Review and a refreshing of your situation.

Try looking carefully and systematically at the areas below and put them into motion:

Focus on my Tasks – reviewing, carefully, what my priorities are and how I am working towards them. If some of them are proving difficult, sit down and really carefully identify why this is and then set up an Action Plan to work your way out of the problem. Sometimes being close to a problem or difficult situation means that you cannot see a quick and effective solution. Refresh your objectives and move forward.

Focus on Structure – how well organised are you and is this getting in the way of you making progress? How well do you communicative environment, do you really work collaboratively with your colleagues and are you open and sharing with information and knowledge

Focus on my Goals – are your short-term task-orientated goals set out so that you can measure progress? What are your long-term developmental goals and can they be measured? Above all, are your goals regularly reviewed and amended to remain relevant, on time and can you identify when they have been achieved?

The more often you ask these questions the more you will be able to get to grips with the challenges in your life and move forward, especially on a Monday!

Good Luck!

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