Refreshing The Team – You’ve Got This!

Refreshing The Team – You’ve Got This!

Sometimes the Team gets a little too comfortable, performance tails off a little, it all gets a little bit stale and it needs a refresher to get tit moving again.

In Teams that need a refocusing exercise, try the following pointers to renew its dynamics:

Focus on the Task – revisit and restate the common sense of purpose and the tasks it needs to deliver to achieve objectives. In the midst of daily operational concerns, sometimes this gets lost in the chaos of it all.

Focus on the Structure – point out and give examples, from past performance, about the collaborative and communicative environment that the Team is working in. This is all about sharing knowledge and support and promoting effective and high-quality methods of communication

Focus on Goals – regardless of this being short-term task-orientated goals or long-term organisational goals, a regular review of the Team’s purpose and direction is always needed to make sure they are still relevant and that they are delivered to time and within budget.

Focus on Team members –is there the correct balance of people with different strengths and areas of expertise and does there need to be some adjustment in this, either through training or by  individuals moving in and out of the group. Team dynamics are very important and need to be managed carefully to ensure quality delivery and performance.

Good Luck!

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