Wouldn’t It Be Remarkable If ……

Wouldn’t It Be Remarkable If ……

We all want business success and organisational growth, which can seem very difficult to achieve at times.

The trick is all about identifying your priorities and while this may seem like a big task, with lots of different pressures and concerns, success really boils down to asking yourself three key questions, all starting with the phrase Wouldn’t it be remarkable if……?

  1. Customers – what would be a remarkable change or development concerning customers? More customers, more revenue from them, keeping them, knowing what their needs and future demands are, understanding their market pressures?
  2. The Business – what structural changes might you wish for, changes in personnel and job roles, fresh funding injections, understanding your market better, cost savings and operational efficiencies, improvements in quality?
  3. Employees – how can we get more from our human capital, what training is really needed, how can we improve our staff retention performance, are there staff we would want to let go, how does our rewards package stand up against the competition, what exactly are our human resource requirements in the medium and long term and how will we manage this?

Keep using the Wouldn’t it be remarkable strap line to push forward with real, innovative change.

Good Luck!

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