Monday Morning – Time For A Fresh Mindset

Monday Morning – Time For A Fresh Mindset

Having a fresh, new mindset for Monday will help you get over the hurdle of starting the new week with a new, more productive approach.

We all get in to a rut from time to time, so looking at things from a different perspective is a critical management skill.

A Growth mindset looks like the following:

  • Being open
  • Happy to try new methods and approaches to dealing with problems
  • Positive
  • Inspired to achieve more
  • Needing a challenge to push yourself

A Fixed mindset will always drag you down and keep your focus just on the current situation – successful people NEVER practice the following:

  • Just knowing what they know right now
  • Giving up if you are frustrated
  • Avoiding challenges
  • Threatened by the success of others
  • Disliking feedback, and never, if at all, asking for it
  • Happy with their fixed intelligence and skills – never pushing this forward
  • Giving up easily

It only takes a small nudge to change things dramatically – start something positive this coming Monday and feel empowered by it!

Good Luck!

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