How Can I Manage Difficult Relationships?

How Can I Manage Difficult Relationships?

There are many different settings where difficult relationships come to light, including work, social settings and within families.

This creates stress and anxiety and needs to be dealt with carefully: the following pointers should help you in dealing with such problems:

  1. Address your concerns

If you are upset by something that has been said or done, speak to the person in private about this. Calmly explain the situation and your feelings. If the situation repeats itself, again speak with that person but in a more direct manner, detailing why their attitude and behaviour is causing you discomfort.

  1. Avoid being drawn into arguments

It is not possible to agree with everyone all of the time – actually doing so is limiting, frustrating and does you no good. Try to get your points across in a diplomatic and measured way to avoid such circumstances happening in the first place.

  1. Avoid gossip or unhealthy conversations

Gossip puts strain on relationships so avoid this at all costs.

  1. Look for common ground

It is not possible to have lots of things in common with anyone around you but finding things that are common among a group of people really does help to forge open, healthy relationships.

  1. Keep it civil and professional

If you are working with colleagues that you do not get on well with, just stick to the professional aspects of communication and working, rather than trying to force a relationship that will never work.

Good Luck!

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