How Productive Are Your Meetings?

How Productive Are Your Meetings?

Meetings a bit of a waste of time?

Not getting things done in meetings?

Invitees just not turning up?

Time to make Meetings more Productive and less Costly by considering the following questions:

  1. When was the structure of the Meeting last reviewed? Is it still effective and is it still needed?
  2. When were the roles last reviewed? Are the role descriptions accurate and are they being used effectively?
  3. Is the membership appropriate to the purpose and the agenda items?
  4. Is the meeting length appropriate?
  5. Do the meetings start and end on time?
  6. Are the ground rules followed?
  7. Do members stay on track?
  8. Is a process facilitator/Chairperson being used and are they effective?
  9. Are Minutes circulated before the meeting?
  10. Are Minutes distributed properly?
  11. Do attendees actually read the Minutes?
  12. Are actions set and followed through?

Keep asking the questions!

Good Luck!

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